Faith on an Airplane

Faith on an Airplane

Ask the average person what the first thing he would do when the flight attendant warns everyone to assume the crash position and he will have a predictable answer: he would take that protective position. While hunched and feeling every shudder of the plane, however, he would do one more predictable thing. He would pray. Surveys show that people see themselves as having spiritual faith even when they declare no religion. The problem with that kind of faith is that it amounts to a vague hope. Real faith, based on God, is a powerhouse. It can completely transform a life.

Faith in a creator, in someone stronger and wiser than oneself who placed you on this planet, gives a sense of worth. Faith assures people that they are no accident; they were created and they have value. If the plane does go down, and they are on it, it will matter. Spiritual faith gives a sense of purpose. People without faith often feel that their lives are random wanderings. If someone is created, however, there must be a purpose in his or her existence. Some people make the search for that purpose a life’s calling. Faith in a being bigger than oneself says there is a reason you are on the plane. Put those two things together, worth and purpose, and you have a formula for success in life. If people are willing to put in some effort, they can achieve great things.

Faith is that oxygen mask hanging above the airplane seat. It reminds people that someone is in control and that there is a contingency plan. That is important when life hands out some hard knocks. Faith doesn’t always change the circumstances, but it reassures people that things will work out for the best because someone is looking out for us. That reassurance is important. It gives people the freedom they need to try new things and to experiment with new ideas. In fact, faith is important and relevant in every area of life. It is not relegated to a chapel or a church; it is just as vital in the workplace or at the beach. Today’s pastors help people find faith wherever they are in life. They even reach out through social media. Ed Young’s Facebook Page, for example, shows a ministry that is resonating with people in all arenas of life.

Faith can transform lives. Faith in oneself does that but comes up short when people realize how limited they are and how big life is. Spiritual faith, faith in a creator, gives people the strength they need to tackle really big problems, to deal with stress and grief and conquer fear. Faith holds up a mirror to the faithful and shows them the image of someone who is important and purposed. Spiritual faith gives people the confidence they need to stretch out and become the people they were created to be. When the flight attendant warns the passengers of impending danger, faith assures them they can soar.

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