Pressure Washer Accessories You Can Use to Speed Up the Cleaning Time

Pressure Washer Accessories You Can Use to Speed Up the Cleaning Time

With today's pressure washer accessories, it's easier than ever to get more cleaning done in less time. In addition to improving working conditions, the right equipment add-ons can also help you become more productive. Some of the most typical pressure washer parts for commercial cleaning include the following:

Nozzles with Added Functions

Different nozzles have distinct spray patterns when it comes to spray width and power. A 40o nozzle, for example, sprays a flat mist at around a 40o angle. The 25-degree, 15-degree (the most common), and 0-degree nozzles are also available. Operators should be warned of the nozzle's 0o position since it can penetrate the wood and cause damage.

You may change the spray angle from 0° to 40° by twisting the nozzle, which is possible with a vari-fan nozzle. This pressure washer accessory saves a lot of time by removing the need to stop and change nozzles.

Rotary nozzles are often used as pressure washer accessories because they provide both a zero-degree impact and 25-degree fan coverage (due to water-propelled spinning movement) at the same time. Rotary nozzles clean more thoroughly and more quickly.

Variable Pressure Wands

By twisting the handle of a variable pressure wand, you can reduce or increase the spray pressure. A chemical injector will immediately suck the power washer detergent into the water stream when the pressure is dropped. The user twists the nozzle to switch between applying detergent and rinsing.

Because the high-pressure pump water is injected with the power washer detergent, there is no risk of harm to the high-pressure pump seals. The detergents and other chemicals used in pressure washer soaps might damage the pump in many cases.

Pressure washers frequently employ wands with a straight-through design. When applying detergent, the pressure washer must be turned down to replace out nozzles because the operator cannot alter the water pressure.

Surface Cleaners

An attachment for a pressure washer can be used on almost any flat surface, reducing cleaning time by a factor of ten or more. Driveways, garage floors, decks, parking lots, tennis courts, and just about any other flat surface may be cleaned with Surface Cleaners, which are excellent pressure washer components.

Most surface cleaners resemble a broom or a lawnmower depending on the model. Instead of the sweeping back and forth action commonly employed while cleaning with a pressure washer wand, they allow the operator to "mow" a straight route.

Hose Reels

Hose reels can be placed on a wall or attached directly to a pressure washer for portability and come in the pivot and non-pivot varieties. In addition to protecting your pressure washer's hose from dirt and grime, these pressure washer parts are also helpful in speeding up the cleaning process. These accessories prevent kinks in your pressure washer hose by keeping it elevated above the ground, where it is less likely to be run over by passing vehicles.

Consider buying hose reels from that saves time and eliminates user fatigue for effortless work and noticeable cleanliness.

Final Thoughts

You can clean your entire house in and out within one to two hours with the help of a pressure washer. Adding the accessories mentioned above makes your cleaning process effortless and saves time.